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Camp Corrals

Folding Trailer Mount

Folding Trailer Mount

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Easily mount your Camp Corrals to the side of your trailer! When you're not using the mounts, you can fold them down flat so they aren't a hazard to you and your horse. Does not come with straps to secure the panels in place. The folding arms are just to hold up the panels onto the side of your trailer only. You still need to secure them by using a strap (as seen in the second picture here).

Each mount is 12" long and can hold the following per mounting site:

  • Up to 6 Panels:
    • Standard 2 Rail
    • Liberty 3 Rail
    • Heavy Duty 3 Rail
  • Up to 10 Panels:
    • EconoLine 3 Rail
    • EconoLine 4 Rail
    • Electric EconoLine 2 Rail

**If you have more panels to mount than one mounting site (2 folding arms) can hold, then we recommend getting a second mounting site (4 folding arms). You can choose how many arms you want in the list of options on the side.

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