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Customer Reviews

See Camp Corrals in action and read about our Customer's experiences.

  • Jessi Lipponen

    "Endurance rider here! Perfect fencing set up and anyone that says their horse will walk through it, is an idiot. It's hot as hell. My horse won't go near it. Love mine!!!"

  • Dustin VanDusen

    "That's 10 panels! We ordered the 12 panel special at the time! The boys love it! We got 2 sets😀 their customer service and warranty is the best!"

  • Sammi Jo

    "Love them and super easy to lift and transport! The electric option keeps my pushy mare in. I have 10 panels which keep 2 horses very comfortable."

  • Julie Ranuio

    "I have a set for camping and they work well. We made a special loop that bolts onto the running board to secure the ends to the trailer."

  • Janelle Dowling

    "Oh my word! Just got back from a 3 nt camping trip. King did amazing in his corral. It was his first time since we bought it. Hubby added the electrical. It worked out AMAZINGLY well. My friend Angela set her corral up next to Kings. Both did soo well. We both said how happy we are that we invested in these. They are well worth it. Setup went well even in the rain and breaking it down was even faster. 😁"

  • Leisa Wood

    "Just back! Loved them! Yes the ground was rock hard so ended up using abundant large rocks to anchor the panels…no wind! Thanks for a great product. Heading back out further west next weekend." ~Onion Creek MoabCedaredge, CO

  • Billy Shoemaker

    "The perfect portable corral to share with a friend! The Dutchess and Honky-tonk are great friends ❤"

  • Teena Dietz

    "Love our portable fence! ❤️"

  • Laura Bloom

    "I love it! My little guy Clyde has a fractured shoulder and needs to be on stall rest and this corral is perfect!"

  • Linda Swope

    "We love our new rails!!! First time to use them. Easy to put up."

  • Eileen Swann

    "The palomino in the picture is a stud and we were in a strange place that neither one of them had ever been before but they both respected the fence. And it’s light weight and easy to move. We just ran a jumper wire across from one pen to the other so they would both be hot."

  • Aimee Lea Mead

    We have never had an issue when the electric was on and we have had them going on year 4 of youth rodeo season.